Sweet “William".  Like the flower, he is beautiful, gentle, & consistently willing to thrive!!   "Will" is the epitome of Beginner’s Luck!!  Sometimes you just get really lucky, and it takes some time before you realize that you really were just lucky!!  That’s how I feel about Will, and how lucky for him that I was able to find the amazing family, Steve and Kenna, that I did!  I think/hope they feel the same way about their luck in finding Will.  Next it took lots of effort, time, and again, luck to find the right people, at the right time, to have everything come together!!  Will more than fulfilled his carefully planned existence!  He entered the conformation show ring with a resounding bang!  Winning a 5 point major his first time in the ring, he championed in 3 months at age 14 months.  He Grand Championed in another 3 months, and then Bronze Grand Championed another 2 months after that!   By the time he was 18 months old, and in the span of 7 months of showing, he was ranked 4th in the US in Ridgebacks,  6th in the US ALL Breeds, and then selected “Top 10" at Westminster - the most elite dog show in the US!  Dang!!  Then COVID happened!  Gaaahhhhh!!  Will happily went home to his farm in Illinois with his family to enjoy social distancing!  He loves being in the conformation ring (yuck! as far as I am concerned), but loves his family more, so just being wherever they are, doing whatever they are doing, is enough for Will.  Summer 2022, Will continues to consistently win.  He is a Gold Grand Champion, won the New England Regional Specialty, has been invited to show twice in the TOP 25 class at the National RRCUS Specialty, and Westminster three times.  He is just a big, happy-go-lucky galoot that has never met a stranger!  While home, he was certified for all the required genetic testing and passed those with perfect results too. That was not lucky - that was carefully planned!!  How LUCKY we are that he is all that is good about Ridgebacks – wonderful temperament, squeaky clean genetics, and gorgeous to look at!  PERFECT!!

Registration #: HP557500/05

Call Name: Will
Sire:  Int'l CH , UKC CH, and AKC CH KKR You Should Be Dancing CGC - "BeeGee"
Dam: AKC CH KKR Captain's Skip to My Lou - "Lulu"
DOB: 06/06/18
Color: Red Wheaten
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 95 pounds
Breeder: June Greenwood
Owner: Steve and Kenna Bertelli & June Greenwood
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Thyroid: Normal 
CERF: Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
EOAD: High Confidence Clear by lineage

CHIC #:151920

DNA Certified