By now you have probably done a lot of research regarding which breed of dog is the right one for you and your family!  If not, PLEASE DO the research.  The links I have provided will help you get started. 

Of course, Ridgebacks are the most adorable, sweet puppies imaginable - but they grow up to be BIG DOGS and their tails can clear tables and knock over two year olds!  They are very people oriented and want to be wherever YOU are, doing whatever YOU are doing.   You don’t usually need to wonder where your Rhodesian is because they are probably not more than 20 feet away from you.  These are dogs that will not like to be left outside alone in the yard, - they want to be with you in your house and in your bed -  if you'll let them!!!  While they think life as a couch potato is pretty good, they do need exercise.  A tired puppy/dog is a happy (and healthy) puppy/dog!!!  Rhodesians are not prone to barking unless something is not as it should be.   If your Rhodesian barks, investigation is highly recommended.

Ridgebacks, for the most part, are very healthy animals and can easily live over 10 years.   As a prospective new owner, you will need to consider the commitment necessary for a life long companionship – even thru marriage, divorce, moving, children, or empty nests!  Rhodesians are low maintenance dogs as far as health issues, but are high maintenance as far as affection, attention, and training. They are extremely intelligent and will die trying to please you, BUT you will need to be smart enough to stay ahead of your dog!!!  Puppy obedience is a MUST – it is great socialization for the puppy, wonderful bonding time together,  and YOU will be taught how to train your dog.   A well trained Rhodesian will be the best dog you ever had, an untrained one will be a nightmare.

As mentioned above, Ridgebacks are relatively very healthy.  We call them ‘wash and wear’ dogs, as pretty much you just need to wash them in the tub or shower on occasion and wear down their toenails with either clippers or a dremel tool.   No cropping of ears or tails, no fancy hairdo’s, just brush them weekly to get what little hair they shed out.   Of course, you will need to keep them current on all necessary vaccinations and de-wormings, and spaying/neutering will make them a far better companion due to that aspect of their lives being removed.

I have found Rhodesians to be wonderful with children, but like children, they need to be taught how to interact properly with each other.  Rhodesians are also wonderful with other animals - except if they flee!!!   Then the Rhodesian will think the game is on, and “catch me, catch me” is a favorite Ridgeback game!!!  You must show your Rhodesian that your other pets are valued members of your family and therefore must be respected.  Remember, your puppy will be whatever YOU teach it to be, or NOT teach it to be!!!  If our puppy doesn’t do something right, whose fault is that? 

After doing your research, and you are pretty sure you are ready to be owned by a Ridgeback, then fill out your information on my contact page so we can talk ‘ridgeback’.   I want you to feel better about where your puppy came from, so that I can feel better about letting them go!!!