8 Weeks Old: October 25, 2009

In the Jungle, the Lion Sleeps Tonight

That poor lion gets NO sleep!!! He got nothing but abuse from the Jungle Babies during their final family photo shoots!!! We have so much fun taking their pictures! It takes at least 3 of us to wrangle the pups, keep track of props and noisemakers AND take the pictures!!! It is quite the process – I should really take video of it some time as I am sure it would be very entertaining for their new families too!!!

No surprises at their final vet check – all are wonderfully healthy!!! Microchips went in with no crying from any of our tuff little Jungle Babies, which is saying a LOT considering the size of that needle!!! They also received their first set of puppy shots, got their 3rd worming, and final toenail trim!! Then they got a very detailed go over by the vet where every body part is noted and examined, poked and prodded!! All teeth, hearts and lungs are perfect, no hernias and no missing testicles on the little boys!!! Each pup has their own checklist with all their stats that will go home with them along with all their other health records.

No real surprises at our Puppy Assessment Party conducted by my handler and I either. 5 pups started out as show potential and 5 pups ARE still show potential!!! Usually, I like to have just a couple of pups from each litter actually go to show homes. It is a bit of a guessing game selecting WHICH pups will actually go that route, but we take into consideration many factors beyond just excellent conformation… ie personality, movement, coloring, genetic prepotency etc. Having said that, I like to think that ultimately ALL my pups are somebody’s beauty queen AND couch potato no matter what they do in their spare time!!!

The Jungle Babies are READY to swing into their next adventure!!!

They are grown, heading to a new home,
Safe and sound, knowing I’ll always be around
Trust in me, you will see, a new loving family!

5.5 Weeks Old: October 7, 2009

I Wanna Be Like YOU

The Jungle Babies have forgotten their worries and their strife and are learning how to swing to the top and monkey around in the underbrush with the best of them!!! The BIG puppy playpen has become their own little jungle where they can climb on trees, play catch me around big rocks, and destroy a new set of toys almost on a daily basis! Hopefully, that means their ears, tails and toes may have gained a reprieve!!! When it comes time to bed down for a power nap, they all crawl into their warm, soft nest and CRASH!!! I’ve started the process of crate training both in their outside play pen and inside the house. Hopefully, this will help you continue crate training them when they come home as they are very cozy and comfortable in their den.

Samba has completely weaned the Jungle babies, but they are very good at eating their puppy mush 3 times a day and are growing like vines!! They are all very pleasantly plump. This week they had another toe tail trim and were wormed for a second time. Their teeth are coming in nicely, all look very good so far, and they KNOW how to use them!!!

I have become the leader of the bush-whacking bunch on our daily safari’s. No matter where I go, they come with me!! Sort of the pied piper of puppies! I use the opportunity to not only let them explore their big new world, but also teach them ‘come”! They are so eager to please and so eager to be with me!!! I think they Wanna Be LIKE me!!

Meet the Jungle Adventurers!!

Pet Females:

Kaa – golden red, dark mask, lots of white on chest, 1 crown ridge, kink in tip of tail, sweet, gentle, kind, snuggler

Raksha – VERY dark red, heavy black mask, squiggly lines on chest, perfect ridge, kink in top of tail, high energy adventure girl with LOTS of spunk

Hathi – dark red, dark mask, small spot on chest, ridge a little short, fun & goofy, curious and always up for the next exploration

Pet Males:

Shere Khan – dark red, dark mask, off crown ridge, medium spot on chest, feisty and full of himself

King Louie – deep dark red, dark mask, perfect ridge, big spot on chest, white on toes, kink in tail, mischief maker, independent leader

Perfect Females:

Buzzie – dark red, medium mask, perfect ridge, big spot on chest, white on toes, outgoing and sassy.

Baloo – dark red, dark mask, perfect ridge, big spot on chest, happy go lucky galoot, loves cuddles

Bagheera – very dark red, very dark mask, perfect ridge, medium spot on chest, Sassy and spunky, feisty and fun.

Perfect Males:

Akela – dark red, light mask, perfect ridge, big spot on chest, easy going, fun and full of fun

Mowgli – dark red, medium mask, perfect ridge, small spot on chest, goofey, mischievious, loves to join in on the latest fiasco

3.5 Weeks Old: September 23, 2009

SAFE in the JUNGLE with our FRIENDS

My, oh my what a difference a week makes in a puppy’s life! Eyes are wide open, focusing properly (at least most of the time!), and already starting to change from baby blue to brown. They can toddle around (belly’s almost drag the floor!), with lots of spontaneous tipping over! They can sit up sort of some times too! It is soo much fun to watch them as they have begun to play with each other – biting each others’ ears, toes and tails and LOTS of rolling around!!!! They have also begun to find their voices with lots of pathetic attempts at growling, barking and ‘trilling’!!! Then they look at each other as if to say “Did that come out of me or you?!” This week they were ready for their first trip outside to experience GRASS and sunshine for the first time!!! Kind of tickles their fat little tummies, but they got used to it quickly and really enjoyed sleeping in the sun, and smelling all those new smells!!!!

We started them on puppy mush this week too. It is puppy chow soaked overnight in milk replacer, and then put through the blender so that it truly is MUSH!!! They really like it, but they have to get the hang of licking it rather than going snorkeling in it!!! What a MESS!!! Thank goodness Samba is more than happy to clean them up!! She is also more than happy to turn over some of the feeding demands to us!!! They are bottomless pits when it comes to eating!! No teeth yet but when they do start emerging, Samba will REALLY get sick of them in a hurry!! OUCH!!!

Healthwise, they got their weekly toenail trim – 160 little daggers removed!, and they got their first worming. You would think YUK! but they actually like this wormer – tastes like bananas! Don’t ask me how I know that!!!! Stuff occurs!! Samba is much improved, although she flunked her CBC blood tests and a cytology, so she is taking TWO types of antibiotics to see if that will bring her white count down. She acts pretty much like herself – kind, gentle, easy easy going – but I can just tell that she is tired and just not herself completely. We are monitoring her carefully.

Obviously, we have been working on a Litter Theme and therefore litter names!!! Drum roll……..
THE JUNGLE BOOK! Now we just need to watch them and see which pups will best fit our names:

Males: Mowgli, Shere Khan, King Louie, Akela
Females: Bagheera, Baloo, Hathi, Kaa, Raksha, Buzzie

The Pet Females are faulted because of imperfect ridges, one is a little too short, and the other has only one colic/crown and a bump in her tail.
The Pet Males are faulted because one has a one crown ridge and the other has a bump in his tail.

So you can see, we are friends indeed. Safe in the Jungle with our friends!