March 15, 2009 - 7.5 Weeks Old  

FELINE Fiesta !!!

This was a BIG week!! The FIESTA’S went to the Vet on Friday to have their final exam which is a VERY thorough going over and can be somewhat embarrassing for them at times, if ya know what I’m sayin’!!! They do get lots of treats, kisses and hugs from everyone so that certainly helps. They got microchipped (BIG OUCH!), wormed again (yuck), and got a little poke ,that they didn’t hardly feel, for their first set of puppy shots. Checked hearts, lungs, eyes, ears, belly buttons, personals and yet another toe nail trim!!! All hearts sounded good, lungs clear, ALL testicles down - They are READY!!!

The Fiesta Litter have been busy, busy!!!! The final photo shoot went slow but well - Grandma was taking them alone!! and they don’t sit still for long!! They REALLY enjoyed meeting their first “BIG CAT”!!!! They are completely weaned now, though Momma Mini does like to play with them. She has to keep moving at all times or they still try to nurse, so she does lots of running and hopping and teasing them so that they get ALLLLLL riled up and go WILD !!!! This is a good thing!!! A tired puppy is a good puppy!!! Remember that!!! J

Grandma June has been VERY busy getting all their paperwork filled out, planning their trips home, and starting the process of letting go….. sigh. The Fiesta’s have been one big long party, BUT it is time to let them go PARTY at YOUR house!!!

March 1, 2009 - 5.5 Weeks Old 

Pinata Puppy Play

I have released the HOUNDS! – which means the Fiesta’s have lots more room to play and are learning how to enjoy every inch of it!!! Their playpen has tripled in size and every day new toys are introduced for them to destroy!!! Fortunately, that means ears and tails have gained a reprieve!! The Fiesta’s can run, jump, hop and flop which they do with loads of enthusiasm before once again CRASHING for power naps.

Mini Me only nurses them twice a day now, and they are down to being fed puppy mush 3 times a day as well. Smaller meals, more frequently, is still the name of the game. They are all pleasantly plump and growing FAST !!! Another week or so and they will be completely weaned. Mini likes to play with them, and is amazingly tolerant of them!!! She tends to be on the receiving end of their sharp little teeth too!!! Their teeth are pretty much completely in and all look GREAT !!! Yeah, another hurdle has been cleared!!! Health events of the week were – another toenail trim, and a second worming. This time I used a different wormer that doesn’t taste quite as good. Again, don’t ask me HOW I know that!!!

Still using the litter box like little troopers or poopers!!! I had to make that bigger too (12 pooping puppies requires a LARGE litter box!) and I started to use cedar saw dust as it smells really good, soaks up well, and cleans up well too. Crate training has begun – I use a GIANT airline crate made of plastic so they are getting the idea that their bedroom is cozy and dark like a den. Hopefully, this will help you continue crate training when they come home to you. One big difference, however, they will be ALONE for the first time!!! Hang in there – it is worth it!!! – and will help you housebreak your puppy.

This week, the Fiesta’s have begun to really be themselves!!! Personalities are showing, variations in coloring makes them unique. Here’s some comparisons that may help you tell them apart!! Keep in mind that most of the time these differences are very, very slight especially amongst the pups in the middle. Personalities will continue to develop, coloring for the most part tends to blend together with age, size will constantly change as they go thru their own growth spurts. The males are already getting bigger than the females, however which is typical.


Size – Biggest to Smallest

Chimichunga, Salsa, Chili, Chalupa, Gordita, Empanada

Masks – Darkest to Lightest

Chimichunga, Chili, Salsa, Gordita, Empanada, Chalupa

Coat Color - Reddest to Golden Red

Chili, Chimichunga, Gordita, Salsa, Empanada, Chalupa

Energy level – Wild to Mild

Chimichunga, Empanada, Salsa, Chili, Chalupa, Gordita


Size – Biggest to Smallest

Tortilla, Nacho, Taco, Fajita, Burrito, Relleno

Masks – Darkest to Lightest

Tortilla, Fajita, Taco, Nacho, Burrito, Relleno

Coat Color – Reddest to Golden Red

Tortilla, Fajita, Taco, Nacho, Burrito, Relleno

Energy level – Wild to Mild

Fajita, Nacho, Tortilla, Taco, Burrito, Relleno

Feb 19, 2009 - 4 Weeks Old  

Sombero’s & Marachi’s = PARTY !!!!

The Fiesta Litter has turned up the rhythm and are starting to party ALL NIGHT LONG !!!! They are wild things and are high energy go getters in short bursts of about 15 –20 minutes followed by high intensity power naps which last at least an hour or two!!! Best of all they are learning to PLAY with each other – lots of mouthing and chewing on each other’s feet and tail and ears!!! Sometimes they accidentally chew on their own feet, which is a good learning experience for them as well!!! It is very, very cute to watch them learn to play. The whelping box is getting too small for them and I will be setting up their puppy play pen soon so they have more room to RUN!!

Mini Me is getting pretty well sick of them now and will not lie down to feed them anymore, so they chow hanging off of her!!! Looks very, very uncomfortable to me!! J She only feeds them 2-3 times a day, which is fine as they are eating puppy mush very well 3- 4 times a day too. Even the weekly toenail trim doesn’t help because they have TEETH!!! Not completely in yet, but very definitely they have them and are learning how to USE them!!!

Still no dermoids – I think we are home FREE on that one! The Fiesta’s are a very healthy, genetically clean litter of pups. All have PERFECT, beautiful ridges, no excessive white, teeth are looking good so far!! I am thrilled with the quality of the pups and once again so proud of their parents!!! So far, the only faults are just a few kinked tails. ‘Kinked’ is sort of a strong term, but the one used amongst breeders. As I’ve mentioned, most are a result of being squished before birth. Generally, you can feel, but not SEE, a bump in the tail at birth, and it may get a little better with age. None are so severe that the tail goes off at 90 degree angles or anything, or are cork screwed like some breeds!! Nothing can be done to ‘fix’ it – just one of those things that make them unique!!

We did have a couple of boo boo’s this week. Mini Me stepped on the foot of little Gordita, and she said it hurt!! Just a little swelling, no broken bones, but she likes to hold it up and baby it so we are letting her. I made little splints and kept it wrapped to protect it for a few days and it is getting better each day. Not sure how this happened, a toenail no doubt, but another litter girl, Chimichunga, got poked in the eye so she’s been getting eye ointment every few hours to help heal it. My vet and my brother, an eye surgeon, both looked at it and said it was just a scratch and she can see just fine out of it. It’s always something!!

Let me introduce you to the FIESTA LITTER!!

Pet Females:

Chalupa – light mask, very little white, kink tail
Chimichunga – dark mask, big spot on chest, kink tail, eye scratch

Perfect Females:

Salsa – light mask, big spot on chest
Chili – med mask, big spot on chest, white left front foot
Gordita – light mask, almost no white anywhere, ouchey foot
Empanada – light mask, tiny bar across chest

Pet Males:

Taco – dark mask, taco shape chest mark, kink tail
Tortilla – dark mask, big spot on chest, kink tail

Perfect Males:

Nacho – light mask, tent shape on chest, white right front foot
Burrito – med mask, lightning stripe on chest
Relleno – med mask, big spot on chest
Fajita – dark mask, big spot on chest

February 12, 2009 - 3 Weeks Old 

Chillin’ with the Chili Peppers !!!

What a difference a week makes!!! The Little Fiestas are growing like CRAZY!! They are doing GREAT at walking, jumping, hopping and wrestling around with each other! They are MUCH better at the growling and barking, and no more trilling!!! Even a pathetic little howl once in a while when someone gets lost!!!! They still seem to think it is some sort of spontaneous reaction that comes from someone else, however, and look around like ‘DID that come out of ME ???!!!

Another weekly toenail trim and first worming was this week’s events. The wormer apparently tastes good to them cause they don’t mind the banana-ish flavor. Don’t ask me HOW I know it tastes like bananas!!!! J Let’s just say I probably don’t have worms!! For that matter I probably will never get Rabies or Distemper either!!! Stuff occurs!!! J

Mini is getting a little bit sick of them now and has a tendency to lie outside the whelping box more and more. Feeding a DOZEN is a challenge, and she is starting to have a little trouble keeping up on the milk demands so I started supplementing them with puppy milk replacer. Let the snorkeling begin!!!!! They seem to love it and thank goodness Mini is happy to give them a tongue bath afterwards cause they are a mess!!!!

I have begun litter box training them which amazingly goes very, very well as long as you start young. They use it occasionally, mostly by accident, but they are getting the hang of it. The idea is that I am teaching them that they have a designated area where they must go potty so this will help you housebreak them when they come home to you. All you need to do is select WHERE the bathroom is going to be in YOUR yard and be sure to CARRY them to that spot the very first time you get home with them and that will help you get started on the right foot at your home.

Still no dermoid sinus’s so I’m hoping we are home free on that. I’m still diligently looking for faults I can tell you about, but alas all I’ve got is a few kinked tails - two girls and two boys – which makes them “pets”.

Enjoy the pictures!!! ALL is well!

February 5, 2009 - 2 Weeks Old 

Spicing It UP !!!

We have EYES!!! Little squinty eyes, but eyes none the less!!! I don’t think they see too well, if at all, but every day they have opened more. Their little ears are down and lay against their heads for the most part. Honestly, I really don’t think they hear all that well yet either!!! They are starting to look more like PUPPIES though rather than fat little mice!!!

Got a few that have already figured out the GI Joe crawl and are making some pretty good tracks around the whelping box!!! They can sort
of sit up a little, but have a tendency to tip over a lot too!!! They also do a lot of 'leaning' against what ever is handy, and then they tip over!! I expect within a few days that I will see them trying to stand, then they rock, then they tip over some more !!! I think you get the picture!!! Just in the last day or two they have begun to play with each other just a little – mostly rolling around chewing on each other’s ears and tails!!! As has been their life so far, they still pretty much just eat and sleep at this point which seems to be fine with Mini Me as that is pretty much all she does too!

They have started vocalizing just a little already. It is not a growl and it is not a bark – we call it ‘trilling’ and that is exactly how it sounds. High and vibrating!!! Very, very cute and sweet. The ‘real’ growling will start soon, followed by barking and then we will never hear them trill again!!! --- Or be Quiet !!!!

Dew claws are all healed up just fine as are the belly buttons. ANOTHER toe nail trim!! Mini feels fine and looks great except for she is already starting to ‘blow coat’ which is somewhat normal for a lactating momma. Means she will have a whole new hair “do” by the time spring comes and the FIESTA Litter is ready to go home!!

I’ve been working on NAMES!!! I have no idea who is who necessarily just yet – I need to play with them a little more and match the right name with the right puppy!!! But here are the names we will be assigning soon:

The Boys: Burrito, Taco, Fajita, Relleno, Tortilla, Nacho

The Girls: Chimichunga, Chalupa, Gordita, Empanada, Chile, Salsa

January 30, 2009 - 1 Week Old 

Frigid Fiesta!

We are fighting the frigid February by thinking HOT HOT HOT !!! Our twelve little “Fiesta’s” have the heat on high and have REALLY grown this first week! They are at least twice as big as they were on their Birth Day because they have eating and sleeping down to perfection!!! Because I nearly LIVE in the whelping box this first week, I regularly rotate the biggest 6 out so that the littlest 6 get a chance to REALLY get a good meal. We use Nutri-Cal, a very high energy paste, every day to help boost their little systems too.

I think we are just beginning to see a hint of eyes starting to come open!! Usually by two weeks they are definitely opening their eyes. Did you know that their eyes are ALWAYS blue when they first come open? They will darken every day and by the time they go home to their new families, they will be mostly dark brown. Their little ears have started to flip down and will open soon as well. They are pretty quiet for the most part except for tiny little whines and whimpers followed by enthusiastic sucking!! Toenails were the focus of the week.!!! On Monday, at four days old, they had their first checkup with the vet and had their dew claws removed which went very well. Did you know that we use veterinary super glue to hold the skin together after they are removed? Really makes scaring less likely. They also had their first toenail trim! It takes quite a little time to trim 4 toenails on the 4 feet of 12 puppies - especially when they are so squirmy!!! I know Momma Mini appreciates the removal of 192 little daggers!!! Check out how fuzzy they are!!! I don't know why this happens, but it always does - their fur gets real fuzzy making it quite difficult to see the ridge especially the crowns (hair colics) that form the ridge. They will be fuzzy for about two weeks and then one day they just AREN'T anymore!! Navels all look good - no 'outeys' I hope.

We have started them on the ‘Super Dog Program” which was developed by the military after years of research to determine what, if anything, will help a dog become a healthier, more intelligent, easy to train, confident and capable canine companion in the future. In short, it requires doing some very simple exercises with each pup from 3 days old until 16 days old. For more information, check out this website:

Obviously, I have chosen the litter theme!! - The Fiesta Litter!!! We think it is much more fun to talk about the puppies by a name rather than by a number or a color, hence the themes. Understand that this is simply a litter name, you can name your puppy anything you want to later. It will be a few weeks yet before we actually assign the names to each pup because we kind of like to match the right name to the right pup!!! It’s going to take some power play time to decide which puppy fits a name like Nacho, Chalupa, Tortilla, Taco, Burrito …….!!!

January 22, 2009 - BIRTH DAY  

What a day we all had!!! Miss Mini labored lightly all night with me at her side (albeit some what semi conscious sometimes !!) and FINALLY decided to have her first born at 10:01 am. She had her last at 9:00 pm !!! She really did not have any trouble delivering--- it is just that she birthed TWELVE puppies !!!! The delivery did NOT go as I planned; however, as I got a call from, Paul, one of my ‘adopted” children, at 8:00 am telling me that he was seriously ill and would I please come ASAP!!! I knew I could not leave Mini Me alone, so I begged for help from my son in law’s little sister, Theresa, who works at a doggee day care/boarding facility, is training to be a groomer, LOVES dogs, BUT has never delivered puppies !!! I assured her that I had everything ready to go, that Mini knows what she is doing and is a GREAT momma, and that I was pretty sure I would be back before she had any pups!!! Well……I spent 5 hours in the emergency room and ……..poor Theresa delivered the first 6 pups before I got home !!! Nothing like giving delivery instructions to someone over the phone!!!! Theresa was in tears, not from fear – she did FABULOUS! – but from the sheer joy of witnessing and participating in her first birth !!! She says it was one of the best experiences of her life!! I am MUCH relieved to have it turn out that way for her!! THANK YOU so much, Theresa, from Paul and I !!!!

I helped Mini Me finish up at a much slower pace, made my birthing chart documenting important things like gender, ridge, tail, feet coloring, chest coloring, body coat color, face coloring etc….. so that basically I can tell them apart beginning at birth. I documented that we had 7 girls and 5 boys - a LARGE, beautiful litter. All have ridges – might even have 12 perfect, showable ridges !!! As they age, I will really get picky and will note any that may have off set crowns or too short but at first look – a wet look ! – they all looked REALLY good to me!!! I have one female with a pretty little white foot which may be enough to be called “excessive” – we’ll see. I have a couple who may have tiny bumps in the tip of their tails, and a couple that have a bit of a kink at the top of their tails which can be either genetic OR, most likely, due to ‘fetal malpositioning” which means their little tails got SQUISHED !!! Sometimes, those kinks smooth out now that they can stretch their tails out, so again I will be making notes and letting you know what I find for sure.

Mini Me is a FABULOUS mother - so careful not to lay or step on any of them and a great milker !!! All are getting chubby already!!! They weighed between 13 and 17 oz at birth, and will generally double in size almost every week for the next 3-4 weeks !! Amazing food conversion !!!! All appear to be black nosed, some are REALLY dark red with really black masks and some are a little more golden red with a medium black mask. All have white on their chests – some almost none, some with BIG spots! As they age, they will each develop into their own little selves!!!

Last night, I sorted them out by gender to check belly buttons, compare coloring, and just give them another good go over. My piles had 6 pups in each pile !!!! WHAT……….???!!!!! Another very personal check and YOU GUESSED it ----- 6 Boys and 6 Girls !!!! I have figured out WHO got mis identified and it was the last one born at 9;00 pm. I plead exhaustion !!!!

Pretty much at this point they eat and sleep and then eat and sleep some more !! All is well.  Enjoy the pictures!!!