Mini Me is my ONLY livernose!!!  She is a deep, dark, rusty red, has a dark brown mask and the most beautiful amber eyes.   Like her mother, she has never met anyone she didn’t like and who didn’t fall in LOVE with her.  She is a big girl (bigger than both her parents!) and sometimes can be like a bull in a china shop, but wouldn’t hurt a flea on purpose.  Mostly, she likes to hang out ‘helping’ me with the horses, trimming the trees and flowers, and overseeing the endless vegetable and fruit gardening.   She loves playing with the puppies and makes a great babysitter for them.   She has been shown in AKC shows, won her class most of the time, and has her International title, but showing is REALLY not her cup of tea, so I don’t make her do something she dislikes that much.
We retired Mini Me in 2011.  A local family came to pick apples one day and of course Mini Me was laying in the shade.  Their little girl was sooo fascinated by that big red dog!!  A few more visits and Mini Me was in Sioux Falls visiting 'her' little girl so often that finally she just stayed.  Sadly, Mini Me passed away suddenly in her sleep, in 2016.  Her little girl was devastated.  They talk like soon they will allow another Ridgeback to fill the hole left in their home by Mini Me's gentle spirit.
Registration #:  HP12006401
Callname:  Mini Me
Int'l & Am CH Crestridge Everything to Gain - "Gane"
KKR Flamenco Rhythmn - "Mink"

DOB:  09/01/04
Color:  Red Wheaten Livernose
Height:  27 inches
Weight:  100 pounds
Breeder:  June Greenwood
Owner:  June Greenwood
OFA Prelim:  Hips - Excellent and Elbows - Normal
OFA Finals:  Hips -  Good and Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip:  23/23 90%
CERF:  Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Cleared by Parentage