"Kadie" went to college with my daughter when Kaidance was 10 weeks old, and Jade was 18.  I KNOW - CRAZY!!  What were we thinking!!  However, although challenging, Kaidance kept Jade sane and focused during those Denver years.  She was also one of her first and certainly most patient 'subjects' during those Photography major years.  And then years and years and years to follow.  California called after graduation, so Jade and Kaidance headed out there to follow their dream.  Soon, her high school sweet heart, and budding editor/writer/producer, John joined them - that "cute little married couple from SD"!  Careers, cancer, twins - Kaidance was with them thru it all.  Together, she and John survived cancer, and I swear her unbelievably beautiful eyes understood it all. 

Jade, John and their twins brought Kaidance home to SD when her cancer came back with a vengeance. She is buried out under the trees with the rest of her family.  In the blog below, John writes Kaidance's story and contribution to their family. Pictures by Jade.  If you chose to read it, get kleenex, cause your'e going to need them.  Rest in Peace, Kadie, you kind, aggravating, gentle soul.

Read by day from the bottom up:



Registration #:  HP02030602
Callname:  Kaidance
Sire:  Kengali Pagan Drumbeat - "Pagan"
Dam:  KKR Mazuri Tu Tu Tango - "Tango"

DOB:  08/10/02

Color:  Red Wheaten
Breeder:  June Greenwood
Owner:  June Greenwood
OFA:  Hips - Excellent and Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip:  19/19 90%

Kaidance litters:

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The Wedding Litter - 2/05/05