Go Go is always on the GO!  She is somewhat of a wild child, and loves all the attention she gets while showing in conformation. Her enthusiasm is boundless and her 'will work for food' attitude has helped her to easily attain her International Championship.  Her favorite thing to do is get out in the tall grass, put her nose to the ground and HUNT!  I think, like her daddy, Walley, this will be where her talents lie and surprisingly she, like a number of my dogs, will point!  We have already begun her rudimentary training in tracking which she is very good at already.  I, being the 'dope on the rope', have to work HARD at laying challenging tracks for her and then learning to 'read' her body language while she is working.  I LOVE to track with a dog who is so inherently a natural!  There is nothing more rewarding than spending a crisp fall day educating, and being educated by, a dog that knows what they are doing!

In 2015, Go Go got up and went to live with her father, Rocky, in the rolling hill country on the Missouri River.  She gets to go to 'work' everyday with her canine dad and her human dad in the pickup.  Nights are spent next to the fireplace soaking up the warmth as only a ridgeback can do!

Registration #: HP299460/08
Callname: Go Go
Sire: Int'l & AKC Ch KKR Wolfgang Waltz with Jakona - "Walley"
Dam: Int'l & AKC Ch KKR Foxtrot Finesse - "Foxey"
DOB: 04/02/08
Color: Red Wheaten
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
Breeder: June Greenwood
Owner: June Greenwood
OFA: Hips - Excellent
OFA Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip: 21/25 - 90th %
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Cleared by Parentage


GoGo litters:

the Ice Age litter - 04/02/14

the Winnie the Poo litter - 02/12/13

the Wedding litter - 06/14/12