7 Weeks Old - 6/4/12

When They Come, and They WILL, They'll Come for YOU!!! - Iron Mom
The Super Heroes are PUPPIES in every way now!!! They live in the big puppy playpen where they have big rocks, trees, logs and lots of toys to entertain them and help them learn about their world. They share a chain link fence with their Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents so they are also learning about dogs!! They are hopefully becoming more aware that THEY are dogs, not humans!! I spend LOTS of time with them on our puppy ‘walkabouts’ where they follow me around the yard and gardens learning to come, to follow, and explore their world. I’m sure I look like the Pied Piper of Puppies! These are training sessions for them whether they know it or not and also a very useful means of wearing the little monsters, (I mean DARLINGS!) out. Remember, a tired puppy is a good puppy!

Tuesday is their final vet check where my vet goes over each of them very carefully. I have a check list my vet fills out that lists every possible body part so that she can make notations if she thinks there is anything you or your vet should be aware of. I will send a copy in each puppies going home packet along with all their other health records. They will get their first puppy shot (OUCH!), wormed AGAIN (yuck!), another toe nail trim (very annoying), and microchipped for permanent identification (BIG OUCH!!) Considering the size of the microchip needle, it is pretty impressive how well the pups handle it!!! It helps that we rather quickly give them the good tasting wormer!!! Don’t ask me how I KNOW that it is good tasting!!! Lets just assume that I don’t have worms nor will I ever have Rabies or Distemper for that matter! Stuff occurs! My vet specifically will be listening to hearts and lungs, checking teeth and hernias, and checking for two testicles on the boys! We have LOADS of fun visiting with all the Ridgeback Lovers at the vet clinic!!!

The Super Heroes have been such an experience and such great fun to watch grow up, but it is time to let them go!! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. It is more difficult than usual for me to let them go – they will always be very special to me!! I have to accept that “There came a day, a day unlike any other” and I will have to let them go!!!


5 Weeks Old - 5/21/12

Guys, I'm Bringing the Party to YOU!  - Iron Mom
How can puppies change THIS MUCH in only 10 days !? They have had a HUGE week again. I love, love, love this age because they are all just so sweet and cute and sooooo much fun to watch and play with! It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!!!

Every day is an adventure for them, and every day they are learning to be….well DOGS!!! They can run, jump, hop, play bow, and BITE!!! Yes, their little teeth are coming in already and they are learning how to USE them!!! I fear for ears and tails in the future to say nothing of fingers and toes!!! They got to go outside for their first experience with GRASS, and BUGS, and the WIND, and all the adult DOGS, and oh my, the LAWNMOWER!!! …………

Bottles are long gone and they are eating their puppy mush out of the puppy donut dish like the little heroes they are. They don’t even snorkel in it much anymore!!!! I feed them ONLY three times a day – whew!!!! Life has gotten much easier for me!!! Their digs expanded again with the addition of the giant litter box (baby swimming pool) with cedar sawdust pellets. They have really taken quickly to the concept of using the litter box – just another step forward in keeping them clean and teaching them important life lessons. The goal is that this will help you house train them when they come home to you. All you need to do is select WHERE the bathroom is going to be in YOUR yard, be sure to CARRY them to that spot the very first time you get home with them and that will help you get started on the right foot at your home. If you go out the same door, say the same thing and carry the puppy to the designated spot and then reward them with your voice, hands and eyes when they accomplish their goal, they will house break very quickly. Puppies tend to be about as house broke as their families are!!!

Another hated toenail trim and a second worming - this time with the white creamy stuff that doesn’t taste near as good as the yellow creamy stuff. Trust me on this one!!! Still no dermoid sinus’s so that is off the table for sure, teeth so far are all looking really good. At around 7 weeks they will go to the vet for their final checkup where heart, lungs, and testicles will be the last health hurdles they need to jump.

I continue to look for and take note of little differences in color, size and personalities as they each become their own unique little selves. Keep in mind that these differences are generally VERY slight, but do make it possible for someone who pretty much lives with them to tell them apart!!! Personalities will continue to develop, coloring for the most part tends to blend together with age (if you like the white – enjoy it now as it will freckle and fade, the black mask fades, their coat color gets darker), size will constantly change as they go thru their own growth spurts. Already, the males are bigger than the female which is typical.


Pet Males:

Batman – very dark red with a dark black mask, small spot on chest, no white on feet, 3 crown ridge and tiny bump in tip of tail. Big and rolly polly, spunky, curious and fun

Superman – dark red, medium black mask, big spot on chest, little bit of white on all four feet, 3 crown ridge and bump in tip of tail. Easy going, sweet and gentle, likes attention

Faultless Males:

Thor – very dark red with a dark black mask, medium spot on chest, white on all four feet, perfect ridge. Big, friendly, outgoing, goofy and fun

Hulk- golden red wheaten with a very dark black mask, big spot on chest, white toes on all four feet, perfect ridge. Big, very eager to please, happy go lucky

Captain America – medium red, very dark black mask, small white spot on chest, white on all four feet, perfect ridge. Adventurous, attentive, full of fun

Spiderman – medium red, medium black mask, small white spot on chest, almost no white on feet, perfect ridge. Lap loving, snuggle bug, quiet and gentle, easy to be around

Faultless Female:

Wonder Woman – dark red wheaten, very dark black mask, small spot on chest, minimal white on any feet, perfect ridge. Confident, outgoing, sassy and full of herself, up for all new adventures.

"I still believe in HEROES!!!" – Iron Mom