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September 9, 2007
Divas and Dudes climb the Billboard HOT 100 - Birthday & 2 Weeks

At last, we have managed to steal back from our mean spirited camera and computer the photos taken of the ROCK STARS litter on their birthday and at 2 weeks!!!   We hope we have overcome the camera/computer problems for good now and will not have any more 'fatal errors' - Lord I hate that message!!!

Ok sooooo...... to get caught up!!!   Jazz had 7 pups on 8/20/07 - 3 boys and 4 girls, all weighing between 12-16 oz.      Unfortunately, Jazz laid on one of the little boys the first night and he didn't make it soooo.....  NOW we have 2 and 4 and they prefer to be called Diva's and Dude's!!!      All are dark red, all with masks - some heavier than others.   All have ridges, no dermoids so far, no excessive white, no kinked tails, a very nice ensemble!!!

Jazz had some trouble getting going on producing milk, but the Rock Stars were persistent and after a few slow days she is milking just fine now and the pups are little fatties as usual.   Dew claws came off on day three, their eyes are open, and they are beginning their usual pathetic attempts at growling and barking even though they have NO CLUE WHERE that sound came from or HOW it happened!!!   I think they are trying to Sing the Blues!!!!   They are in that GI Joe stage of life where they do a lot of crawling and tipping over!!!   Weekly toenail trims are in order which Jazz deeply appreciates!!!

In keeping with their Rock Star status, we have chosen NAMES already!!!

The Dudes are:    Snoop Dog & Lil Bow Wow  (went with the OBVIOUS)
The Divas are:      Fergie, Lil Kim, J Lo & Beyonce

All is well with the puppies and I'm holding my breath on the camera/computer issues!!!   Party on!!!!

September 17, 2007

ROCK ON! – 4 Weeks Old

The Rockstars have turned into PUPPIES this week!!!   They can toddle around, (belly’s almost drag the floor!), and they have begun to play with each other – biting each others’ ears, mouthing each other and LOTS of rolling around!!!!  Lots of pathetic attempts at growling, barking and ‘trilling’!!!   Lots of tipping over too!!     Literally, they are ROCKIN’ &
ROLLIN’ !!!!

This weekend it FINALLY warmed up at little here so the pups were able to go outside and experience GRASS for the first time!!!    Kind of tickles their fat little tummies but they got used to it quickly and really enjoyed sleeping in the sun, and smelling all those new smells!!!!    

We got them started on puppy mush this weekend too.  It is puppy chow soaked overnight and then put through the blender so that it truly is MUSH!!!    They really like it, but they have to get the hang of licking it rather than going snorkeling in it!!!  What a MESS!!!  Thank goodness Jazz is more than happy to clean them up!!  Jazz is also more than happy to turn over some of the feeding demands to us!!!   The Rock Stars are bottomless pits when it comes to eating!!   No teeth yet but when they do start emerging, Jazz will REALLY get sick of them in a hurry!! OUCH!!!

Healthwise, they got their weekly toenail trim – 96 little daggers!,  and they got their first worming.  You would think YUK! but they actually like this wormer – tastes like bananas!  Don’t ask me why I know that!!!!   All belly buttons except one are healing up very nicely.  J Lo has a little bit of an outey yet, but we are watching it and it SHOULD still close – will see.  Still no dermoids – YEAH!!   All is well!!

Here’s a few brief descriptions:

All are very dark red with little to no white on them like Jazz.  More like Charlie, all have black masks, some more than others, and all have his particularly beautiful head – the deep stop and big round eyes!!

Snoop Dog is bigger than Bow Wow with more black mask but both are the same dark red color.  Bow Wow’s ridge might be just a titch short – will watch that!!! – but if it is he will be a pet.

Lil Kim is the smallest of the girls, the other three are about the same size.   Kim and Fergie have the most black mask, but Beyonce and J Lo are not far behind.  As I mentioned before, J Lo’s belly button might be an outey which would make her a pet.   Beyonce MIGHT have an off crown ridge?   Like Bow Wow above, I will have to keep watching it to see how it looks once they loose their baby fuzz, but if the crowns are not perfect, she will be a pet too.

Too soon to really say much about personality and temperament.  They are soooo much fun at this age!!!  So sweet, so innocent, so brief!!!      


September 24, 2007

Dang, the Rocks Stars have figured out how to “Party On, Dude” & Party ON, Divas !!”  

If awake, they are ALWAYS on the move, looking for adventure, checking out the newest ‘sounds’!!!    Thankfully, they are outside 90% of the time in their puppy playpen and can wear themselves out!!  They are NEVER still if they are awake!!!   Then they power crash and sleep just as hard as they play!!  What a life!!   They are sooooooo much fun at this age!!!

Another toenail trim and another worming!!    They have reached that level of eating machines (pooping machines too!) where Jazz is pretty much sick of them!!   She only nurses them a couple times a day anymore and NEVER lays down.   She definitely has that long suffering look on her face whenever she is feeding them!!!   All those claws and I’m sure those teeth are RIGHT THERE too!!!  They are eating their puppy mush quite well – no more snorkeling!!! –  honestly, they are fat little butterballs!!!  By the end of this week we will have them pretty much completely weaned from Jazz.   She still likes to play with them but will get so she jumps out of their way any time they try to nurse.

I expect that the next week or two we will see their teeth emerging as well as the personalities!!!   I can already tell that Snoop Dog is a snoop dog!!   He is an adventurer and out there nosing around all the time!!!   All of them love to snuggle, love to play in my lap and give kisses!!   Nothing like puppy breath!!

All is well!!  PARTY ON!!!

October 1
, 2007
I got the MUSIC in me!!!!  - 6 Weeks Old

The Rock Stars have gone ‘solo’ and are now planning their first “Rhode Trip”!!!  

They are completely weaned from Jazz, eating puppy mush very well and have grown TALL this week!!  No more belly rubbing while running!!!   They can hop, skip, jump, run and are figuring out how to climb stairs!!!   Lots of wrestling, biting, chewing, tackling, and rolling each other going on!!!  Lots of growling and barking too!!!  Just practicing their vocals!!!

Not much new in the health department!!  Another toenail trim!   Now that their baby fuzz has gone away, we can tell that Beyonce DOES have both of her crowns (hair colics) at the top of her ridge, and J-Lo’s belly button has healed closed just fine so no worries and no faults right now.  Next week will be a BIG one as they will get their first set of puppy shots (ouch!), and microchipped (BIG ouch!)   They also get to go visit the vet for their final check up and they REALLY enjoy that!!!  We have a whole list of things the vet checks on them which goes into their file for their new families.  The vet listens for things I can not – like their lungs and hearts.  We get LOTS of help puppy wrangling cause EVERYONE can’t wait for the Rhodesians to come for a puppy visit!!!   Speaking of puppy wrangling!! – it takes a minimum of three of us now to take their pictures!!  One on the camera, one straightening the props and wrangling the pups and one to make bizarre and annoying noises hoping to get them to look cute!!!

Personalities are still beginning to show themselves!   Snoop Dog is definitely an adventurer and has managed to convince Bow Wow and Fergie to jump on the ‘Band” wagon and join in the fun.   Beyonce, Lil Kim and
J Lo are a little less likely to be jumping into the spot line and prefer to remain ‘back up singers”!!!   Perhaps they are the “Rhodies”!!!    All are very much huggers and kissers and like to follow me around the yard ‘helping”.   I usually only get lap time when they are starting to get tired, then I end up with all six piled in my lap!!!!

The Rock Stars will be hitting the road for their first Rhode Trip soon!!!!   I think it will be a sold out tour!!!!

October 12, 2007

RHODE TRIP!!!!!   -  7 Weeks Old

The Rock Stars have jammed their way all the way to the top of the charts and are now ready to hit the “RHODE” !!!!

This was a BIG week!!   The Rockers went to the Vet on Monday to have their final exam which is a VERY thorough going over and can be somewhat embarrassing for them at times if ya know what I’m sayin’!!!   They do get lots of treats, kisses and hugs from everyone so that certainly helps.   They got microchipped (BIG OUCH!), wormed again (yuck), and got a little poke that they didn’t hardly feel for their first set of puppy shots.   Checked hearts, lungs, eyes, ears, belly buttons, personals and yet another toe nail trim!!!    They are READY!!!

The Rockers have mastered steps much to my dismay and a couple of the little monsters, I mean darlin’s, have even figured out how to climb over the 2 foot exercise pen, so I had to bring out the 4 foot one!!!    The weather has been quite beautiful so they spend A LOT of time outside following me around ‘helping’ get ready for winter.   Digging potatoes was impossible as they kept getting in the hole!!!   Trimming bushes and raspberries went better, and they actually help a little by picking up the apple falls and bringing them to me!!!   The mums have suffered somewhat from their attention however!!!!    They follow me everywhere so I often feel like the pied piper of puppies!!!

The rise to the TOP has been a whirlwind for the Rock Stars – where did 8 weeks go????
They are ready to go out and make beautiful music with their new families, ‘rap’ a little on someone else’s heart, and be someone else’s  #1 HIT!!!!

On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again
The life I love is makin' music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again

On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again,
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

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