April 3, 2010 - 7.5 Weeks OId

"I Will Always LOVE You"
The “Puppy Loves” have turned into PUPPY LIONS – hear us roar!!!! We had an amazingly warm few weeks where the sun was out, the grass was growing, and the temperature made it up above 80!!!, so the Love Puppies got turned loose in the yard to explore and play. They have a BLAST following me around practicing their "Pied Piper" of puppies routine and experiencing LIFE around every bush, tree or building.

This last week was a big one for the Puppy Loves. They went to the vet for their final check up, got their first puppy shot, wormed for the 3rd time, another toenail trim, and microchipped (BIG OUCH!!).  All went well at the vets - no heart murmurs, no ear, eye or lung problems, no hernias, all testicles down sooooooo……A GREAT checkup and lots of attention and treats!!!

Sooooo… it is time to say our last goodbye to the Puppy Loves…..sigh. Their new families have been carefully selected for each puppy based on the right puppy, at the right time, for the right family!!!

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU - Val, Lenny, Tine, Candy, Kisses & Dove - but it is time to turn you over to your new families for more LOVE, SWEET LOVE!!!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

March 24, 2010 - 6 Weeks Old

"Love to Love You Baby"
What a fun week the Puppy LOVES have had!! They got to go OUTSIDE for the first time EVER in their lives. It was a little bit chilly yet with the snow still melting which meant cold wet noses and cold wet feet. Still it was fun for them to experience a whole NEW world!! What’s grass? Can I eat it? What are leaves – are they edible? What’s a rock? Ooowww …. hurts my teeth! I also moved the little darlings to the garage where they have WAY more room to run and play and well …poop! They are happy in their big whelping box under heat lamps, but still get to run around and get into EVERY thing!

AND.. they have figured out how to go up and down steps!!! Not so sure that is a good thing, but they are all brave and fearless and love to follow me around where ever I go. As always, I am teaching them to “come” when I call them by playing “Puppy Pied Piper” and going on walk abouts in the yard. For fun, I took them with me on one of my Therapy Dog visits this week and of course they were a big hit and got LOTS of hugs and kisses from new people which they adjusted to with ease.

All teeth have come in beautifully and they know how to use them! Hence, Phoenix does not nurse them at all anymore but LOVES to play with them. They got another worming and of course another toenail trim. They take both very well, even the toenail trim, with minimal struggling. They are too young yet to have come to the realization that BOTH are torture and should not be tolerated!!!  They have eating their puppy chow down to an art form now so not nearly so messy, but still a voracious melee! It will take a few weeks once you have them home for them to realize that they no longer have to compete for their meal and therefore eat like sharks!

What fun they are to watch develop into their own little selves! Lenny continues to be a little rascal, loves to play, and really likes to hang pretty close to me. Val is spunky and curious and enjoys venturing off on explorations. He is closely followed by Tine who doesn’t usually dream up the ideas, but is more than willing to participate. Candy is independent, likes to explore with the boys, and has an adventurous spirit but not a real brave one! Kisses is goofey, fun, and the first one to come running when I call. Dovey is just a little sweetheart with the most impish little streak in her that finds me wondering what she is into now!

March 14, 2010 - 4.5 Weeks Old