Born:  08/08/22

GCH Kengali's Winter Legend - Finn

(Owned by Beth Nolan)


GCHB KKR Captain's Hula Lou - Hula

(Owned by June Greenwood and Angelina Horne)

9/15/22    5.5 Weeks Old    Momma Drama

Hula has reached the “ I’ll tell ya one thing, I’m not going to be a good mom tonight” stage.  The Office litter puppies have teeth and they know how to use them!!!  Hula thought the toenail daggers were bad but this is a whole new level of Office drama!!  One really can’t blame her as she doesn’t want to lay down with them anymore, so they just hang off her!  It looks really awful and, by the long suffering look on her face, it feels worse!!  We have Hula well into the weaning process which takes 7-10 days to ease her milk supply out …… while we continue to feed the pups more and more puppy mush.  On the bright side, all of them have beautiful teeth!!

Speaking of puppy mush – what a mess!  Thank God Hula is more than happy to clean them up!!  We soak puppy chow overnight in the yummy high fat milk replacer, then blend it into mush before each of the 4 feedings they have per day.  Teaching them to eat nicely out of their ‘puppy donuts’ is easier than it looks as long as you keep it off the floor so they can’t walk through it!!  We are feeding them a little bit more every day as they spend less time with Hula. 

Healthwise:  another annoying toenail trim, no dermoid sinus, no outie belly buttons, no overbites or mismatched canine teeth.  They enjoyed their yummy (tastes like bananas) de-wormer liquid which we do every 2-3 weeks while they are puppies.  When they are little, they put everything in their mouths, no matter how disgusting, so it is just a good idea to be proactive about de-worming.

Every day is a new adventure for the Office staff.  Toys are a fun addition along with all the other distractions they are exposed to daily.  They spend lots of time with 4 kids, 2 cats and 3 other dogs besides Momma.  Hula spends lots of time playing with them, but has to keep moving all the time so as not to be attacked by the above mentioned teeth!!  “Outside” is a very exciting addition to their day as it is like stepping into a whole new world with new sights, sounds, and experiences to absorb every day.  These are exciting and fun days for humans and canines as the Office pups change, grow and become their own unique little selves. 

 “We know exactly what to do, but in a very real sense they have no idea what to do !”

Welcome to the OFFICE !!
Pam(Multicolor) – light golden red, medium mask, minimal white, perfect ridge, perfect teeth. Sweet and sassy, holds her own with her brothers

Andy (Green) -  dark red, dark mask, biggest spot on chest, perfect ridge, perfect teeth.  Calm, confident, content

David (Blue) – medium red, darkest mask, minimal white, ridgeless, perfect teeth.  Big, happy go lucky velcro puppy

Dwight (Purple)– medium red, dark mask, small spot on chest, perfect ridge, perfect teeth. Courageous, curious, go getter

Jim (Yellow) – medium red, medium mask, minimal white, slightly off set cowlicks in ridge, perfect teeth. Spunky, full of self and mischief

Kevin (Teal) – medium red, medium mask, small spot on chest, perfect ridge, perfect teeth.  Easy going dude, don’t worry be happy

Michael (Black/tan)– dark red, medium mask, small spot on chest, perfect ridge, perfect teeth.  Big, go for it, never say never attitude

Stanley (Black)– medium red, minimal mask, small spot on chest, perfect ridge, perfect teeth.  Calm, quiet, gentle, couch potato

Toby (Red) – darkest red, darkest mask, minimal white, ridgeless, perfect teeth.  Lap, people and attention lover.  “Kiss me I’m cute” puppy


8/26/22  2.5 Weeks Old   Faster than a Snake

When you do nothing all day long besides eat and sleep. Repeat, repeat……it is pretty easy to double in size, which is exactly what the pups did again!!  Picture a beached walrus!! Poor Hula has started exiting her “cubbie now and then to just get a break!!

Their eyes have begun to open into squinty, cloudy blue slits that allow them to only see light.  Their vision gets better every day and slowly the color of their eyes will turn to shades of amber or chocolate brown whichever color best matches their coat color.

They have been GI Joe crawling for a few days now making them faster than 80% of snakes!!  They still tip over a lot and face plant, but they are low to the ground so a littermate usually cushions their fall!! Wrestling and chewing on each others toes and nose ensues along with rather pathetic attempts at growling, barking, and whining all at the same time. We call it trilling and it is really cute but only lasts a few days! Their little ears, which have been pinned flat up against their heads, have flipped down and lay like hound dog ears should.   They are beginning to hear a little now, but have no idea where sound is coming from especially their own!!!

Their ridges have gotten very fuzzy and hard to really see this week - which is normal.  By next week the fuzz will go away so you can easily see them again. Their belly buttons and dew claw removals have healed very nicely and no dermoid sinus so far. Another nasty toe nail trim and the wicked tongue lashing baths continue.

Have you guessed the litter theme?  There have been clues!!   They are the Office Litter!!!  It remails to be seen who will be Stanley, Michael, Jim, Dwight, Kevin, Andy, David or Toby.  I think we can all guess which one is Pam!


8-8-22     Birth Day

Hula x Finn

Sweet Hula, who lives to please her humans, decided having puppies on the first day of school would please everyone, so she did!! She gave us the classic “I’m getting close” warning when her temperature dropped from the normal 101 to 98 which means there will be puppies within 24 hours. We had a scheduled c-section for 2 days later, but Hula was not pleased with the idea of waiting! Lots of schedule rearranging but the right people arrived at the right time to attend to the boss’s timeline !!  C-sections are a VERY fast process.  A team of Drs and techs take care of the mother while more techs are puppy “rubbers” who make sure the puppies’ heart is beating, they breathe, then cry, and get ‘rubbed” to get them dry and KEEP them squirmy and crying. The sound of a newborn puppy cry is uniquely distinguishable and unforgettable!

Hula had her 9 puppies, 1 girl and 8 boys, thankfully without incident. Mom and pups are healthy and happy!!  We have quite a variety of colors!  The girl is very light with a black mask.  The boys vary from very, very dark red with dark black masks to a more golden red with light masks.  Not a lot of white on their feet – a few toes here and there. Just a few have bigger spots on their chests. They have various amounts of white on their chests from almost none to a big splash.  Ridges range from long and wide, to none!!  They weighed between 12 oz and 18 oz which are my target birth weights. They are very, very chubby and will just keep getting chubbier as Hula is a VERY good mother with lots of faucets and grocery’s for all! The puppies are already suffering through Hula’s torturous tongue lashing baths which they do NOT appreciate!!  They are really going to hate the frequent toe nail trimmings!


just another day

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