July 29, 2009 - 7 Weeks Old

Bye, Bye, Love! Bye, Bye Happiness!
What a “BOSS” week our little ankle biters are having!!! They have really grown and are now in the big puppy play pen where they have lots of grass, big rocks, and a huge downed tree trunk to run and chase around. What fun they have exploring their new world, and how tired they get!!! Remember, a tired puppy is a GOOD puppy!!! Every day we work on “come” and “kennel” which earns them “COOKIES”! They like “K” sounding words!!!

They had their final vet check yesterday. Everyone weighed in between 10 pounds (ChaChi) and 14 pounds (Lenny). They got their first puppy shot (OUCH!), wormed AGAIN (yuck!), and microchipped for permanent identification (BIG OUCH!!) Considering the size of the microchip needle, it is pretty impressive how well our little Happy Dayers handle it!!! It helps that we rather quickly give them the good tasting wormer!!! Don’t ask me how I KNOW that it is good tasting!!! Lets just assume that I don’t have worms nor will I ever have Rabies or Distemper! I have a check list my vet fills out that lists every possible body part so that she can make notations if she thinks there is anything you or your vet should be aware of. I will send a copy in each puppies going home packet.
All pups have great hearts, all lungs are good, teeth are beautiful, one tiny hernia that will not need to be corrected, missing one or two testicles yet, but there is still time for them to come down. Very nice healthy litter!!! We have LOADS of fun visiting with all the Ridgeback Lovers at the vet clinic!!!

Each pup has become their own little selves!!! Fonzie, Potsie, and LaVerne continue to be full of themselves, energetic, confident, and loads of sassiness and fun. Lenny, Squiggy, Richie, Ralph, Shirley are right behind always spunky and playful, even just goofey!!! And then there are ChaChi and Al who are so sweet, kind & gentle and just want to be snuggled and hugged!!!

These “HAPPY DAYS” have been mine and now it is time for them to be YOURS!!!!
Sooo…. It’s time to say BYE, BYE LOVES! BYE BYE HAPPINESS!

July 15, 2009 - 5 Weeks Old

They ain’t nothin’ but HOUND DOGS!!! Cryin’ all the time!!!!

I have RELEASED the hounds!!! Their very “Happy Days” are spent outside most of the time playing in the portable exercise pens that can be moved easily around the lawn to follow the shade or the sun depending on the temperature!! They experienced grass, bugs, birds, and worms but “ain’t never caught a rabbit” – yet anyway!!! I am teaching them to come when called and to follow me around the yard. I sometimes feel like the pied piper of puppies as the trail after me on our twice daily ‘walk abouts”! They especially enjoy “helping’ me pick the prickly raspberries, the fuzzy green beans, and the super sweet sugar peas, but they are a little hard on my 80 year old mother’s lilies!!! The purpose of teaching them to follow me is not only so they learn to come when called, but also it is part of the house training process. The idea is that they learn that they have a designated area where they must go potty. This will help you housebreak them when they come home to you. All you need to do is select WHERE the bathroom is going to be in YOUR yard and be sure to CARRY them to that spot the very first time you get home with them and that will help you get started on the right foot at your home. Crate training has also begun! I use a GIANT plastic crate so they get the idea that their bedroom is cozy and dark like a den. Hopefully, this will help you continue crate training when they come home to you. One big difference, however, they will be ALONE for the first time!!! Hang in there – it is worth it!!! – and will help you housebreak your puppy!

Momma Aiko is getting pretty tired of them and will not lie down to feed them at all anymore, so they just nurse hanging off of her which appears to be extremely uncomfortable especially now that they have TEETH!!! Even another weekly toenail trim can’t compensate for TEETH!!! She feeds them only once or twice a day if I make her, so this week we will finish the weaning process. They have been snorkeling in their puppy mush 2-3 times a day now for almost a week. Thank goodness Aiko is willing to clean them up!!! Another yummy flavored worming!!!

Just in the last few days, I have begun to notice little differences in color, size and even personalities as they each become their own unique little selves. Keep in mind that these differences are generally VERY slight, but do make it possible for someone who pretty much lives with them to tell them apart!!! Personalities will continue to develop, coloring for the most part tends to blend together with age (if you like the white – enjoy it now as it will freckle and fade), size will constantly change as they go thru their own growth spurts. The males are already getting bigger than the females, however which is typical.

Let me introduce you to the Happy Days Cast:

Faultless Females:

LaVerne – dark red, dark mask, medium spot on chest, white left front foot
Feisty and up to mischief!

Shirley – dark red, dark mask, medium spot on chest, minimal white on feet
Laid back but can be pretty spunky

Pet Males:

Potsie – very dark red, dark mask, large spot on chest, big, 3 crown ridge
Full of himself and very outgoing

Al – medium red, minimal mask, large spot on chest, bump tail
Snuggle bug and lap lover

Faultless Males:

ChaChi – medium red, minimal mask, big spot on chest, smallest male
Sweet, kind, and loves to observe from my lap

Fonzie – very dark red, dark mask, small spot on chest, big
SASSY and full of himself, always up for a new adventure

Ralph – very dark red, minimal mask, medium spot on chest, big
Happy go lucky galoot, easily joins in the latest fiasco

Richie – golden red, dark mask, large spot on chest, big
Independent, leader in training, easily influenced by LaVerne & Fonzi

Squiggy – very dark red, dark mask, squiggley lines on chest, big
Funny, goofey, easy, easy going

Lenny – medium red, dark mask, large spot on chest, biggest male
Explorer, likes things and attention

July 4, 2009 - 3.5 Weeks Old

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

We have puppies!!!! The Rockin’ & Rollin’ has turned into Shakes, Rattles and more Rollin’!!! Our little darlin’s can walk and hop, sometimes even muster up a couple jumps and runs!!! They love to play with each other and that’s where the shakes, rattles and rolls come in as they tussle with each other!!! Ears, tails and toes are fair game!!! And that includes Momma’s ears, tail and toes!!! They are really fun at this age as they discover their new world. Soon, they will be big enough to go outside – “Cruisin for a Bruisin”!!!

Their whimpering, whining and trilling has turned into full fledged barks and even pathetic attempts at a growl once in awhile!! Then they flip out and bust some new moves as they don’t know where that strange noise came from!!!

Healthwise, they got wormed for the first time – yummy!!!! They actually like the strongid as it tastes like bananas! (Don’t ask me how I KNOW that!) They will be wormed again at 5 and 8 weeks right before they go home – all preventative!!! Another weekly toenail trim which again Aiko really appreciates! Still no teeth yet, but I think they will begin to emerge soon. Aiko is not looking forward to that! She seems to be getting a little sick of the whole process and does not lay with them all the time anymore which is fine as 10 little hot bodies produce a whole lot of heat!!!

All the baby fuzz has split from their hair and the ridges are easily seen again!! Crazy, but the ‘off crown’ boy is actually a “3 crown” boy!!!

The Happy Days gang has NAMES!!!

The girls are LaVerne and Shirley
The boys are Fonzi, Richie, Potsy, Ralph, Lenny, Squiggy, ChaChi and Al

Now that they are becoming ‘cool cats’ rather than ‘ankle biters”, I will begin to assign the right name to the right puppy!!!

Be sure to do some eyeballing and put your dibs in on which pups are catching your eye!!!