The Color My World Litter

Born:  4-3-2008

Int'l & AKC CH KKR Foxtrot Finesse - "Foxey"


Int'l & AKC CH KKR Wolfgang Waltz with Jakona - "Walley"

April 2, 2008 - Birthday


Spring has sprung here with all her dainty colors, rebirth & promise!!!  We are sooooooo ready after a long 6 months of snow, brown & grey!!!

Miss Foxey offered up her April Fools Spring Surprise with 12 beautiful little babies.   7 girls and 5 boys, all healthy and NOISEY!!!   This is Foxey’s first litter and as it turns out her ONLY litter – sigh.   She was enormously huge, the vets think she just had stretched her muscles to the point where they had no contraction power left to give, sooooo after much anxiety, fears and tears, she delivered her Dozen Darlings via C- section and then had to be spayed in order to save her life.     Her 12 pups weighed almost 15 pounds alone!!!  

Foxey is doing very well now.   Like her incredible mother, she is a GREAT mother herself!!  Very gentle, caring, & dedicated.     She is eating well and has LOTS of milk.

Again, just like her mother, Foxey delivered a litter with almost no faults.   All the pups are ridged, no dermoids so far, no cleft palates, no excessive white, no white tipped tails, most I can note at this time is a couple little tails that have bumps in them!!  Probably a result of what the vets call ‘fetal malpositioning’ which just means their little tails got squished!!!!   Most are very dark red with black masks, but there is one little girl who might be a LIVERNOSE!!! I rarely have livernose pups, but Foxey does have a few littermates who are!!!

Nothing like puppies to welcome in SPRING!!!

April 9, 2008 - 1 Week


Our 12 little “mice” have REALLY grown this first week and look alittle bit more like –well – RATS now! They have eating and sleeping down pat, with great feed conversion!!!   Foxey has lots of great milk so they are always chubby and round!!!   She is feeling well and seems to have recovered from her surgery without any trouble.

They had a busy day on DAY 3 at the Veterinarians.   They had their first check up and had their dew claws all removed.   Both my vet and I HATE dewclaw removal cause they DO cry, and Momma has to wait in the van or she would go nuts!!!  BUT it is the right thing to do at the right age, as I know from my past life as a Vet Tech that torn dewclaws and removal as adults is much, much harder on the dog. Eyes and ears are still tight shut and they are really quiet for the most part.   Mostly just little whines, whimpers, and squeals followed by enthusiastic sucking!!

We have started them on the ‘Super Dog Program” which was developed by the military after years of research to determine what, if anything, will help a dog become a healthier, more intelligent, easy to train, confident and capable canine companion in the future.  In short, it requires doing some very simple exercises with each pup from 3 days old until 16 days old. For more information, check out this website:

All is well!

April 14, 2008 - 2 Weeks


I think we are beginning to see EYES!!!  Not really opened yet - just cracks – but they will open more and more each day and will be BLUE for the next few weeks.  Their ears are starting to flip down more often than not, and the last couple of days they have been attempting to get their legs under them to do a bit of rocking followed by LOTS of tipping over!!!    Still very quiet, not even a try yet at “Trilling” which are the first sounds they make.  Not a growl, not a bark – a trill!!!!    Today, I noticed two of the big boys were chewing on each other’s ears so I know that they are beginning to be aware of each other for another reason besides to fight over a Foxey faucet!!!

Dew claws have healed up very nicely and all the belly buttons are looking good.  I don’t worry much about the dewclaws but sometimes we get a puppy with an ‘outey’ bellybutton which isn’t too serious but certainly something to be aware of.   They had their first toe nail trim which Foxey REALLY appreciates – that’s 192 little daggers dulled!!!

They have gotten pretty fuzzy which is typical at this age so their ridges are sort of just lost in the fuzz, but I do think there might be a little girl with only a 1 crown ridge and maybe a little girl with a 3 crown ridge – good average just not “perfect”!!!!  The fuzzyness will go away in another week or two and then I will be able to see their ridges easily again.  Just Puppy fuzz!!

The 5 boys have already started to outgrow the girls which is pretty normal.  All of them are dark red with black masks except for the one little girl who this week I think IS a black nose just no mask.  One little girl has a front foot with a little more white on it, no white tipped tails, some pups have big spots on their chests, some have almost none.

Been working on names!!!!    I think you might have guessed that I’m toying with this being the “Crayola” litter so I’ve been researching the NEW, FUN Crayola colors!!!   I needed a litter with mostly girls in it cause ……well let’s be honest, most of them are pretty feminine!!!   So far I’m liking names like:  Mango Tango, Magic Mint, Vivid Violet, Robins Egg Blue, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Electric Lime, Atomic Tangerine, Granny Smith Apple, Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown etc…..  LOTS more to consider

I’m going to ask for help naming them, from a very very special little boy, Jakob, with flaming red hair (like my son), whose momma was doing the c-section on Foxey.    We waited together to hear the news and to see the pups – spent a lot of time with big eyes and making funny faces at each other as we could hear more and more little angry crys.   When they brought the pups to us, along with the news that Foxey was not doing well, Jakob was so GREAT as I tried to absorb my fear for Foxey while still answering his many innocent questions and his attempts to count them and determine how many boys and how many girls etc…..  Thank God for the simple things that help us to deal with the more complicated ones!! Even when He asked ‘Why are you crying?”!!, he was just what I needed to help me get over the bumps life sometimes puts in our way. A blessing.

Enjoy the new pictures!!

April 23, 2008 - 3 Weeks


I am confident that Spring with all its’ glorious COLOR is right around the corner along with FLOWERS!!!!

The Crayon kids are growing fast – they are getting better and better at walking, jumping, hopping and wrestling around with each other!  They can sit up some now and even a few attempts at walking minus the GI Joe crawl  – although they still tip over a lot!!!  MUCH better at the growling and barking, but they seem to think it is some sort of spontaneous reaction that comes from some place else!!!  

Another toenail trim and first worming was this week’s events.   The wormer apparently tastes good to them cause they don’t mind the banana -ish flavor.   Don’t ask me HOW I know it tastes like bananas!!!!    Let’s just say I probably don’t have worms!!  For that matter I probably will never get Rabies or Distemper either!!!  Stuff occurs!!!  

Foxey has begun taking longer and longer breaks from laying with them so I think she is beginning to get a little bit sick of them now and has a tendency to lie outside the whelping box more and more.   She is starting to have trouble keeping up on the milk demands so I will probably start supplementing them this week with some extra milk replacer.   What a mess – believe me!!!  Thank goodness Foxey will be on stand by to clean them up!!!

The fuzz is going out to their ridges and I think I can say for sure that one of the girls has a 1 crown (hair colic) ridge and one little girl has a 3 crown ridge so they will be pets because of that.   Also the little girl with no mask has a ‘kink’ in her tail so she will be a pet as well. All others still appear to be faultless, but I keep a diligent watch for faults and will keep you posted.

The Crayon kids took a break to smell the flowers – ENJOY!!!

ALL is well!

May 3, 2008 - 4.5 Weeks