Mink is the epitome of what all ridgebacks should be and is the cornerstone of Kina Kabambe Rhodesian Ridgebacks.   Her temperament is flawless, her genetics squeeky clean, and she is a correct and beautiful dog to look at.  In addition, she is smart as a whip, enjoys doing obedience and patiently allows me to use her as the ‘demo’ dog when teaching obedience!!!   She is a talented hunter but doesn’t get WHY I want her to chase that plastic bag at lurecoursing!!!   Mink is a fabulous role model for the puppies and youngsters who join our family.  I encourage her at all times to teach the puppies how to be a socially acceptable dog in a human world because Mink is a pro at it!!

Losing the bottom half of one ear when she was attacked by another dog at just over a year halted any chance at a conformation show career for Mink.   As of the end of 2012, she is the mother of 5 AKC conformation champions (Foxey, Fenway, Watusi, Can Can & Topper) with 5 more needing only majors or a few points to finish (Josie, Paris, Aiko, Caesar, & Gracie), and the mother of 9 International Champions.  She also has many grand puppies who are on the show path and will begin anther generation of champions.  Because she has produced 5 AKC Championships she has earned her ROM (Register of Merit) which I am very proud of for her as she could have/ should have been a champion herself.   At one time, she was on the Top 10 Rhodesian Ridgeback Brood Bitch list!!!   She is the product of three generations of Kina Kabambe breeding behind her and three more generations ahead of her.   She is my pride and joy.  I owe her SO much.
2015 brought to end the incredible life of my beloved Mink.  She was 13.5 years young, still tolerantly playing with her great great grand puppies, and always looking to make sure she could see me. I bred Mink to three different males in her lifetime and kept at least a few from each cross for myself or someone close to me.  She always stamped her pups with the BEST of herself.  They are all still so much a part of what a KKR puppy is!  Charlie sired by Solo, Foxey and Mini Me sired by Gane, and Topper, Gracie, CanCan sired by Walley.  All of these dogs bring with them Mink's amazing temperament, her flawless health, and her beautiful grace and style.  She is buried here under 'her' tree where she can still hear the wind in the leaves and the birds in the spring.
Registration #:  HN00266502
Callname:  Mink
Sire:  Kengali Pagan Drumbeat - "Pagan"
Dam:  KKR Nyanga Ya Muenza - "Nyanga"

DOB:  07/06/02

Color:  Red Wheaten
Height:  25 inches
Weight:  90 pounds
Breeder:  June Greenwood / Sue Ressler
Owner:  June Greenwood
OFA:  Hips - Excellent and Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip:  14/18 90%
OFA Cardiac:  Normal
Thyroid:  Normal
CERF:  Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Clear