Meg is the darkest red Ridgeback I have ever seen!!  She is a deep, deep mahogany red with very little black mask or white anywhere on her body.  She is sweet, kind and gentle, always eager to please, never gets more than 20 feet away from us except if she is hunting!!!   And boy can she HUNT!!!  She is one of the few ridgebacks I have ever seen that will actually point!!!  I enjoy taking her out on ‘tracking’ expeditions as she is a pleasure to watch and a challenge to keep up with!!!   You could not ask for a better companion to spend a beautiful day hiking in the tall grass with!!! 
A military friend of mine retired and came back to their family farm in SD.  She had always admired my Ridgebacks from afar, but NOW she planned to travel just for fun in an RV and wanted a dog to keep her company, but NOT a puppy.  She and Meg hit it off right away as Meg is such a lover.  Off they went on an amazing journey all over the US.

In 2014, Meg passed away in 'her' chair in the RV after a short illness.  She was so gray in the face, you could no longer see her mahogany red head.  No other dog has yet taken her spot in the RV.  I'm told nothing ever will.  I get that, I really do!!
Registration #: HP04222604
Callname: Meg
Sire: Kengali Pagan Drumbeat - "Pagan"
Dam: KKR Mazuri Tu Tu Tango - "Tango"
DOB: 04/07/03
Color: Red Wheaten
Height: 24.5 inches
Weight: 90 pounds
Breeder: June Greenwood
Owner: Diane Worrall and June Greenwood
OFA: Hips - Good and Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip: 27/23 80%