Rana is my lightest ridgeback – a blond bombshell with a black mask!   She is very pretty and feminine and is the prima donna of my pack!  She has a prance we call ‘the happy dance’ that she does when she knows she has done something wonderful and can’t wait to get back to you for her accolades!!  She did the happy dance a lot on her way to her AKC Championship!!   Rana is the shyest one of my pack, she usually likes to wait until her turn so that she can have ALL of your attention and then she is a wiggler and a kisser.   When we go tracking, she is called “Mac” by all our tracking buddies because there is no stopping her like a Mac truck!!!  They refer to me as the ‘dope on a rope”!!!   Clearly, Mac really knows what she is doing when we go tracking and I am her only handicap!!!
Rana went to live with my Ridgeback buddies 'down on the river' to keep their "Bentley" busy.  She kept him real busy and tired by teaching him to track down on that same river.  Then stole his favorite spot in front of the fire!!   She passed away in front of the fire in 2016 a very very happy and very loved old girl.
Registration #:  HP09051206
Callname:  Rana
Sire:  Int'l & Am CH Kengali's Solamente Uno - "Solo"
Dam:  CH Crestridge Savanna Sunrise SC - "Savanna"

DOB:  02/20/04

Color:  Wheaten
Height:  24 inches
Weight:  85 pounds
Breeder:  Ginny Merchant
Owner:  June Greenwood
OFA:  Hips - Excellent and Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip:  23/20 90%
OFA Cardiac:  Normal
Thyroid:  Normal
CERF:  Normal


Macarena's Litters:

The Gamblers - 06/17/05

The Firecrackers - 07/04/07