"Bugs" is the epitome of a 'girly girl'!  She is VERY conscious of not getting dirty and heaven forbid that she would actually have to get her feet wet or walk thru a mud puddle!  Surprisingly, she loves the snow, until she gets cold!  Her world is required to be very ordered where everything has a place, is in its place, and a well structured routine of eating, sleeping and sunning is maintained by all.  She is quite prissy, and can even be a little stuck up when approached by new dogs or humans.  She puts on the air of the 'queen bee' being on her throne and just can't quite deign to acknowledge someone 'beneath her"!  She is very fast and loves to chase so hopefully I will have better luck in the near future trying to get her to a few lurecoursings and tracking field trials.  Bugs is my lightest colored ridgeback, a deep golden wheaten with a very dark black mask which makes her coloring very striking.  She earned her International Championship easily and is AKC pointed.  Paradoxically, she doesn't enjoy all the fussing and glamour of the conformation shows!  I think she finds it far too demeaning for a "Princess" and would just as soon not be bothered!

We retired Bugs in 2013.  "Glitter" from the 'Firecracker litter' now lives with her mother Macarena, in Billings, MT with friends who continue to treat them like the Princess's they believe they are!!

Registration #: HP265164/01
Call Name: Bugs
Sire: Int'l & AKC Ch KKR Wolfgang Waltz with Jakona - "Walley"
Dam: Int'l & AKC Ch KKR Kengali Macarena - "Rana"
DOB: 07/04/07
Color: Red Wheaten
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 85 pounds
Breeder: June Greenwood
Owner: June Greenwood
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal
Penn Hip: 24/20 - 90%
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy:  Clear


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