Docie Doe is my wild child!!!   Her enthusiasm is contagious to the other dogs and she is always the one to get a great game of “catch me, catch me” going.  She is blisteringly fast so she knows it is unlikely that any of the other dogs WILL catch her!!  Lurecoursing is another favorite activity as is hunting or tracking anything!!  She has her International title and was shown in AKC, winning her class more often than not, but she found it way too slow and boring so we moved on to the faster paced activities.    Docie is an extreme athlete and is built for it.   She is a golden red, minimal black mask, no white.   She is great fun to be around!!!  
Docie went home with a friend of mine from ND who came to visit and admired her endless enthusiasm and athleticism.  Being runners on long lonely dirt roads they thought a companion would make it more fun and interesting.  She out ran them for years !!  In her later years, she also served as a terrific role model for the new puppy that came home to keep her moving and living happy.  Docie passed away in her sleep suddenly in 2015 just as happy and healthy as she always was.  Her family, human and canine, miss her to this day.

    Registration #:  HP10093205
   Callname:  Docie
   Sire:  Int'l & Am CH Kengali's Solamente Uno - "Solo"
   Dam:  KKR Reliquerie - "Relic"
   DOB:  05/15/04
   Color:  Red Wheaten
   Height:  24 inches
   Weight:  85 pounds
   Breeder:  June Greenwood
   Owner:  June Greenwood
   OFA:  Hips - Excellent and Elbows - Normal
   Penn Hip:  31/27 60%
   CERF:  Normal


Docie's Litters

The Scholars:  11/27/06
Int'l Ch. KKR Docie Doe X Int'l & Am Ch. Crestridge Everything to Gain