July 2, 2010 - 7 Weeks Old

"Say It With Flowers"
From small beginnings come great things!! Our little ‘seedlings’ had a very very BIG growing week!! They enjoyed the BIG puppy playpen for the first time where they have big trees, big rocks and LOTS of room to PLAY!!! They love running, jumping, climbing and getting into every thing they are NOT supposed to be into!!! It is nearly impossible to keep track of them at the same time OR keep them from getting each other in trouble!!! Fortunately, they get better every day at following me on our walk-abouts so I can wear them out and slow them down just a little!!! They are truly Flower Children and BELIEVE in Flower Power!!

I’m not going to lead you down the garden path here -Samba is plumb sick of the little seedlings and views them all pretty much as WEEDS! She WANTS to enjoy playing with them, but all they want to do is hang off her “trellis’s” and she is DONE with that!! Those teeth are very definitely in, sharp, and being used like rakes and hoes!!!

We were off to my Vet (whom I work with) for their final check up before going home. A rather intensive poking and prodding goes on with eyes, ears, lungs, hearts, teeth and, for the boys, testicles getting checked!!! A LONG checklist for each pup, is filled out so that every possible health check has been done and documented for your vet to be aware of. A copy is included with all other health documents for each puppy. They got their first puppy shot (OUCH!), wormed AGAIN (yuck!), and microchipped for permanent identification (BIG OUCH!!) Considering the size of the microchip needle, it is pretty impressive how well our Flower Children take it!!! No crying!!! It helps that we save the microchipping for last and quickly give them lots of hugs and kisses. They like going to the vet because everyone takes their turn holding and playing with them so they get lots of attention and treats.

Let me introduce you to the “Blossoms” from my garden!!! Believe me, NONE of them are a common garden variety and each is the “Cream of the Crop’ in their own unique way!


Viola – medium red, dark mask, gorgeous ridge, small wildish spot on her chest (like the wild flowers she is named for!), one white front foot, medium size. Spunky, full of wiggle, spit and sass, tuff like her namesake!

Iris – medium red, dark mask, gorgeous ridge, large spot on chest, white on all feet, medium size. Quiet, gentle, oh sooooo sweet.

Daisy – medium red, medium mask, gorgeous ridge, bullseye spot on chest, little bit of white on feet, medium size. Animated, full of herself, feisty, a go getter!

Lilac – darkest, deep red, dark mask, big spot on chest, white on all four feet, biggest female. Big, happy go lucky galoot, “every day is just another great smelling day”!!!

Lily – darkest, deep red, darkest mask, square spot on chest, minimal white on feet, big female. Curious, silly, playful, easy to be around.


Shasta – medium red, dark mask, gorgeous ridge, medium spot on chest, little bit of white on feet, medium size. Funny, goofey, outgoing, likes to play!

Lantana – mahogany red, least mask, gorgeous ridge, big spot, white on front foot, medium size. Eager to please, quiet gentle, and likes to give hugs & kisses!


Petunia – dark, deep red, dark mask, gorgeous ridge, kink at top of tail, big spot on chest and white on feet, smallest female. Spunky, sassy, silly and loads of fun! Doesn’t take ANY guff off her big brothers! Tiny umbilical hernia?

Belle – medium red, dark mask, 3 crown ridge, bullseye spot on chest, one white foot, medium size. Goofey and fun, independent and confident.

Peonie – deep dark red, dark mask, gorgeous ridge, kink at top of tail, big ‘shield’ spot on chest, white on all four feet, biggest female. Outgoing, adventurous, playful, eager to please.


Tiger – deepest, dark red, dark mask, 3 crown ridge, big spot on chest, white on all four feet, biggest male. Go getter, wiggle worm, playful and fun. Watch growth/cosmetics on skin tag near right eye.

Allium – lightest red, medium mask, gorgeous ridge, big spot on chest, minimal white on feet, medium size, watch ‘scissoring” of lower canine teeth. Easy, gentle, likes to snuggle and hug, lap lover.

It’s time to reap what I have planted! Now all you need to do is stop and smell the flowers so that you can “PICK” one!! I’ve already ‘picked” YOU for one of my little hothouse flowers!

The seed is hope - the flower is joy.

June 14, 2010 - 4.5 Weeks Old

"Growing Like Weeds !"
This week we CELEBRATED!!! We threw a huge party for my mother's 89th Birthday. Many, many people were here to play with the pups and give them lots of attention and affection! All are just little sweeties who like to crawl into any available lap for belly rubs and pets. I think the pups were actually very sad when everyone went home as they really enjoyed all the activity!

They are soooo much fun at this age!!!! It finally stopped raining which meant that the pups got to experience GRASS for the first time. It didn’t take them long to get used to the texture and the feel of having their tummy tickled! They love to jump, hop, pounce and wrestle with each other in the grass too!! They can run pretty well now and like to follow me around mostly getting in the way and trying to trip me!!! I enjoy teaching them to follow me around the yard on our ‘walk abouts’! They have a lot of fun going on our “adventures” examining every bug, twig, leaf, and flower! The poor flowers - they suffer badly at the teeth and paws of the pups!! I have fun watching them become themselves and teaching them to come and follow. I’m sure I look like the pied piper of puppies!!!

I started them on milk replacer early this week to help both Samba and Mini Me try to keep up with their milk requirements, but they just can’t keep up anymore!!! After a few days of puppy “snorkeling” in just milk replacer, they got the hang of eating out of a dish so I added puppy chow that has soaked overnight. What a MESS! but the puppy mush really fills them up! Thankfully, Samba and Mini Me are more than happy to clean them up! Their teeth are coming in and they are learning how to use them, so I think Mini Me and Samba will say ENOUGH for sure very shortly!!

This week they were introduced to the litter box and are starting to get the hang of it using it pretty well. I use the lid of an under the bed storage unit filled with the pressed saw dust pellets you can buy for your wood burning stoves. Not dusty, absorbs VERY well, and is biodegradable! It REALLY helps keep their whelping box and play area much cleaner and teaches them that they need to go potty in the same place all the time. I’m doing everything I can to help you with that housebreaking project coming up!!!

Heathwise, they got wormed for the second time (yum!), another toenail trim, still no dermoid sinus so I think we have jumped that hurtle for sure, no hernias, dew claws look good, teeth are coming.

Much to my distress, Samba accidently laid on one of her girls and one of her boys soooo…we have 12 Blossoms – 8 girls and 4 boys. The agony and the ecstasy. Sigh.

JUNE 7, 2010 - 3.5 Weeks Old

"Miracle Grow Bloomers"